Zelaya Bros.


Zelaya Brothers offers a variety of different services to best accommodate each and every client’s needs. Our primary services are listed and detailed here, but it is difficult to capture our focus and capability within a single webpage. We recommend that if you do not see a service here that meets the requirements for your specific application, please feel free to send us an email at oscar@zelayabros.com.

Product Development

Design, prototyping, and manufacturing services for specific applications in low and high volume quantities. 

Including, but not limited to mechanical enclosure design, component selection, circuit board design, reverse engineering and embedded programming.

The application dictates the requirements associated with the design and therefore a Product Requirements Document (PRD) is generally required to provide a more complete estimate.

Powertrain Calibration

Configuration and calibration for control systems related to powertrain such as engine calibration, gearbox control, differential drive phasing, and ancillary devices including but not limited to alternator, cooling fan(s), auxiliary pumps, etc.

Race functions can also be implemented dependent on application such as launch control, anti-lag, pit speed limiter, variable boost control, and more power management options.

Gasoline, ethanol, methanol, diesel, nitromethane, and even electric powertrains are supported.

Custom one-off applications that require specific control can also be supported through use of our development package, such as bespoke gearbox control or CANbus integration

Vehicle Electronics Solutions

Provide consultation based on years of experience dealing with vehicle electronics in both the motorsports and industrial sectors of the automotive industry to choose the best system for a specific application.

Installation, configuration, and integration is available for pieces of the system or the system as a whole. Generally the electronic system for a vehicle is composed of the following:

Powertrain Management (MoTeC M1)

Power Distribution (MoTeC PDMs)

Display and Data Acquisition (MoTeC C Display Loggers)

Sealed and modular looming built rugged to withstand harsh conditions